Art, Design & Technology

Art flourishes throughout the school with fantastic opportunities for the children to express their creativity in different ways.

Boys and girls work with diverse media and materials and are able to develop their skills as they move up the school. Most art and DT lessons are taught by specialist teachers in the Art/DT classroom. 

Art lessons are accessible and enjoyable for all children. The projects may relate to recent exhibitions or current events, or may be linked to a theme covered in topic or humanities lessons. 

Sometimes, they are simply an opportunity to master new techniques. We make full use of the kiln and printmaking facilities we have and also offer a range of art clubs.

Each year we celebrate Art Week where the whole school becomes involved in a week-long art activity. Africa Day and Hip Hop Day are also occasions where children are involved in art workshops taught by the specialist teachers.

Design & Technology

The children enjoy experimenting, exploring, discovering and working with a wide range of different materials, products and tools in Design & Technology. With support it is important to allow the children to develop and express their own concepts, theories and then to evaluate whether their invention has been a success in both function and design.

Design & Technology at Alleyn’s Junior School forges links with other subjects within the curriculum. This connection encourages the children to develop their transferrable skills, consolidate their learning and to understand the fluidity between subjects. Computing, Maths and Science play a pivotal role in Design & Technology; from using computer design programs, accurate measuring, showing how a boat floats and building electrical circuits for a nightlight.

Children in Years 1 and 2 have a double period of Design and Technology each week. The children in Years 3 and 4 have a triple period each week of either Art or Design & Technology. The curriculum is planned so that the children in these two year groups  experience an equal amount of both subjects. In Years 5 and 6 the children engage in several special DT projects during the school year. These are often devised and supported by the Design & Technology and Food & Nutrition staff in the Senior School.

At Alleyn’s Junior School we view Design & Technology as an inspiring and practical subject, preparing our children for a future as problem solvers and analytical thinkers, becoming fearless to take risks.