Drama lessons for Year 3, 4 and 5 provide a creative outlet for children to explore and nurture an appreciation of theatre and how it is effectively made. Children of all year groups have access to drama opportunities throughout the school year. 

Curriculum Drama is taught weekly for half an academic year to children in Years 3, 4 and 5. Each of these year groups benefit from half a year of Drama lessons and half a year of Dance lessons, creating an overarching performing arts experience with opportunities to share their work through performance.

In Drama, children learn to develop key drama skills and discipline through subject-specific Units. They gain familiarity in the language of theatre and drama terminology. We aim to develop focus, effective communication skills and personal and social skills, gaining experience of working in a mixed and varied group setting. We encourage children to apply their ideas in a practical way whilst collaborating and compromising with others to navigate the group dynamic effectively. Children learn to take direction and self-evaluate whilst creating a piece of theatre for informal performance.

We aim throughout the lessons to develop all children’s creativity, expression, diction, projection and overall confidence. Ultimately, drama lessons aim to be an enriching and fun lesson that aims to support every individual’s personal development and enrich other academic subjects such as English and Humanities.