Personal, Social, Health, Economic (PSHE) education is central to the educational entitlement of all children at Alleyn's Junior School.

This is a timetabled subject taught each week to all classes by the PSHE co-ordinator and it allows for individual growth through a co-ordinated educational programme. Having a cross-curricular dimension, it permeates all aspects of life in the school. It is encompassed not only within the teaching of several subjects, notably PE, science and RE, but it is also an integral part of the whole curriculum.

By raising awareness of issues concerning PSHE we hope to promote a healthy lifestyle following sound principles of bodily care and help our pupils to feel secure physically and emotionally. The curriculum develops the children's sense of self-esteem and builds their confidence, while a greater knowledge of human diversity encourages acceptance of others. Pupils gain a greater awareness of the main social and personal issues facing them and are encouraged to make informed choices. We hope our pupils will become responsible citizens who will value and respect other members of society and the environment.

Wherever there is an opportunity to enhance the curriculum using outside agencies we endeavour to fit these into the school calendar. In the past, Year 1 pupils were given training in road safety; Year 2 enjoyed a visit from local police officers to discuss the importance of the law; Year 3 enjoyed trying different foods led by the ‘Farm to Fork’ project; Year 4 visited the Southwark Recycling Centre and Year 6 enjoyed listening to the experiences of two refugees, attended a first aid course, visited the Houses of Parliament and they took part in the Southwark Junior Citizenship Scheme. 

We consider our partnership with parents of vital importance. We encourage them to discuss issues covered in PSHE with their children at home.  We send information home about particularly sensitive topics that are covered in the curriculum and parents are invited into school to look at and discuss the resources for our Sex and Relationship curriculum.

Read our Assistant Chaplain, Gemma Birt, writing on children and social media in Independent School Parent (Prep) Magazine.



Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do - we respect our children's worries, and if it matters to them, it matters to us.

Alleyn's Junior School pupils play on the school field

Alleyn's Junior School pupils play in their adventure playground