Religious Education

Valuing and celebrating our differences

Through our Religious Education curriculum we seek to help each child to mature as an individual, more fully aware of who they are, what they believe in and what they value.

We encourage this process by exploring each of the main world religions in a five-step process of questioning, engagement, investigation, evaluating and expressing. Whilst fostering an ethos of tolerance, open-mindedness, empathy and curiosity, we explore themes such as commitment, family, faith, support, belonging and identity. As they learn about the beliefs of others, we also encourage children to value and celebrate their differences.

Typical lessons might include songs, stories and the exploration of religious art and artefacts. In the past, the children have enjoyed making Christingles, as well as enjoying the food eaten during a Seder meal at Passover. The lessons provide children with opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills and enhance their understanding of, and empathy with people and their beliefs, religious or otherwise.

Experiences are broadened further through visits to places of worship, giving the children some practical insights into different faiths. They also benefit from visiting speakers and the school’s close links with our neighbouring church, St Barnabas, as well as the School Chaplain, Reverend Liz Lander. The Year 4 Harvest festival and the Year 5 Spring service are held at St Barnabas annually, celebrating various themes, such as friendship, appreciation, love, hope and kindness.

Alleyn's School Chaplain, Reverend Liz Lander