Co-curricular Life

Alleyn’s offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to complement the academic curriculum and provide pupils with experiences and opportunities beyond the formal classroom.

These are an integral and essential part of an all-round holistic education, where we recognise that individuals flourish in a supportive environment in which all their abilities and talents are acknowledged and encouraged.

Our full Independent Schools Inspection report (2013) concluded: "The programme of co-curricular activities is outstanding. The school offers an exceptionally wide and diverse selection of clubs, societies and activities.

Collectively, these significantly enhance pupils’ educational and intellectual development, and provide opportunities for leadership, personal development and challenge. The programme is open to all, irrespective of ability, and pupils are actively encouraged to get involved.’

Our co-curricular programme prepares our pupils to C.O.P.E. with the 21st century:

Community     an awareness of learning how to be selfless and putting others first;

Opportunity    finding an interest and/or exploring a passion;

Participation   getting involved/making a commitment;

Excellence       striving to achieve something special.

Pupils have the opportunity to shape the co-curriculum through the Co-Curricular Council (student voice) and students take leading roles in running co-curricular activities for younger pupils. Outstanding contribution is recognised through the Colours system, with ties and badges awarded for Full and Half Colours, and Commendations, across all sections of the school.

Virtual Co-curriculum

Even during the School's temporary closure due to Covid-19, Alleyn's pupils still have access to an extensive virtual co-curriculum, very much in line with the offer of previous terms and hosted on virtual platforms including the School's 'Hub' and Microsoft Teams. Examples include a digital photography club, online Model United Nations club, and  musical clubs and ensembles where individuals record at home and send in their vocal or instrument contributions to be digitally combined - see our recent 'Corona Choir' news story.

The Sport department is keeping pupils "happy and healthy at home" as well as helping them to refine their cricket, basketball, hockey, netball and water polo skills; and Art, Food and Nutrition are setting a range of activities and challenges.

To see an example of a more usual term's co-curricular offer, view the Lent 2020 clubs and societies schedule here

Educational Visits

We are proud of the extensive range of day and residential educational visits available to our pupils (around 200 each academic year). In order to assist parents with planning and budgeting, we provide a schedule of forthcoming residential trips for the next eighteen months.

Educational Visits Schedule to October 2021

"Because of all the opportunities I have had, and the willingness of the teachers to help me fit everything in, I feel I am fulfilling my potential in both sport and music. I feel I'm achieving a lot and I'm having fun.",  Ethan, Year 10, Football club, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Duke of Edinburgh

"I feel very fortunate to attend Alleyn’s; a school that has encouraged me to pursue a diverse range of opportunities and wholeheartedly supported my endeavours along the way.  I’ve acted, danced and sung, played sport (both competitively and for fun), been a Saturday Maths mentor to primary school pupils and found my niche through Volunteering, thanks to Alleyn’s philosophy of allowing every pupil to follow their own path, without judgement, to realise their potential."  Grace, Year 12, Drama, Volunteering, Music

Alleyn's pupils on stage during the Jungle Book production

'The Best Education Transcends the Classroom' 

Read about Alleyn's co-curricular philosophy in School Report magazine. 

Alleyn's pupils with their Sweet Readers partners

Boys and girls dance as part of the Disco Inferno production

Alleyn's girls playing hockey

Boys and girls play brass instruments at an Alleyn's concert

Alleyn's CCF march in the annual parade