Inspection Reports​ & Reviews

The most recent ISI inspection took place in November of the Advent term, 2021, and we are absolutely delighted to have been rated excellent in both categories: academic and pastoral. 

The Head, Jane Lunnon, said: "ISI inspections these days are absolutely about the pupils. The impact, efficacy and success of our school has been assessed entirely on the quality of pupil outcomes in both academic and pastoral terms. So the excellent ratings which you will read about here and the sense of inspiring relationships, trust and kindness referenced throughout the report, is a powerful testament not only to the dedicated work of my gifted and committed colleagues but above all to our wonderful pupils. There are frequent glowing references to them in the report; to the skills and qualities they are developing , to their responsiveness and receptiveness in the classroom and to their manifest talent. But perhaps even more gratifying than all of that, are the repeated references to their integrity and moral sensibility, their kindness, mutual respect and their enthusiastic, heartfelt commitment to this community and to our wider community. I could not be more proud of them, or of my staff. I hope that you also feel this, as you read the report."

"We seek to nurture personal qualities of initiative, independence and leadership, and attach great importance to the development of other interests and skills, whether cultural, sporting, adventurous – or a combination of all three."