Our School policies, Rules and Code of Conduct are constantly reviewed in light of changes in legal requirement and practical need.

We would encourage any pupil or parent who wishes to find out more or simply discuss any aspect of our policies to contact us. Hard copies of School policies are available from the School Office on request.

Some of our key policies are available to read below, including the Risk Assessment for Full Return to School in September 2020, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy and the Education Continuity Policy which will all be of particular interest to parents and pupils as we learn and work through the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Risk Assessment for Full Return to School in September 2020

Risk Assessment for Full Return to School in September 2020

This risk assessment exists to support Alleyn's Senior School in its safe reopening to all pupils in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. It identifies risks associated with a return to school and sets out the mitigating measures that will be put in place. It will be complemented and supported by numerous existing school policies. Teaching and support staff have been consulted in the principle of its compilation and it has been communicated to all staff. The key principles and essential arrangements have been communicated to parents and pupils. 

The Senior School and Junior School risk assessments are published separately due to the government guidance of schools differing markedly between primary and secondary settings.

The risk assessment remains a working document that will evolve in response to application, staff consultation and changing government guidance. 

Risk Assessment published 23 September and to be reviewed fortnightly.

All Other Policies
Accessibility Plan and SENDA Policy - part one
Accessibility Plan and SENDA Policy - part two (individual building access)
Admissions Policy, including Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial Assistance (Senior School)
Anti-Bullying Policy (Senior School)
CCTV Policy
Complaints Policy
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy (Senior School)
Curriculum Policy (Senior School)
Education Continuity Policy
Education Continuity Policy Appendix 1 (Safeguarding)  
Education Continuity Policy Appendix 9 (Addendum to Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (phased return to School)
Entrance Exam Concessions Policy (Senior School 11+ & 16+)
First Aid Policy (Senior School)
Health & Safety Policy
Health and Safety Policy Appendix A template risk assessment
Privacy Notice (Alleyn's School)
Privacy Notice (MCT)
Pupil Code of Conduct (Senior School)
Pupils' Social and Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Policy (Senior School)
Rewards and Sanctions Policy (Senior School)
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Specific Learning Differences and Disability Policy
Standard Terms and Conditions
Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children