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Alumni Theatre Careers Combine  

The careers of two Alleyn’s alumni have collided in a happy coincidence as actor Nick Day (Dutton’s 1966) stars in a brand-new production of Michael Hastings’s (Brading’s 1953) forgotten gem Don’t Destroy Me.  

Paramedic Perspectives

Thank you to Albert Wayman Scarlett (Cribb's 2015) for inspiring members of the Alleyn’s Medics Society.

126th Edward Alleyn Club Dinner 

The 126th EAC Dinner brought together alumni, former staff and pupils for a fantastic evening of food, friendship and fundraising.

Luc selected for National Canadian Squad

Congratulations to Luc De Fougerolles (Roper's 2024) who has been named in Canada Soccer Men’s National Team squad for the upcoming Concacaf Nations League Quarterfinals!

Community and Connection 

The Alleyn’s Cornflower Club Lunch was a wonderful opportunity to  celebrate and thank our Cornflower Club members for their continued friendship and support.

Alumnus Footballing Success

Congratulations to Luc De Fougerolles (Roper's 2024) who not only made his first competitive start in the League Cup for Fulham FC on 1 November but was also Man of The Match!

A Haunting Production

James Hyland (Tyson's 1992) will receive the Hamilton Deane Award from the world-famous Dracula Society for his haunting production of Dracula's Guest.

Always Alleyn’s in the U.S.

We were delighted to visit New York and Boston to connect with the global Alleyn’s community and to learn from leading institutions in North America. 

Storytelling and Connecting

Alleyn’s alumni, parents and Film Studies students came together for a fantastic Film, TV & Media networking evening hosted by Reno Antoniades (Tulley’s 1984).

Alleyn's Head of PSHE Will Howell-Harte and Alleyn's Alumna and Governor Faith Locken (Roper's 2011) stand on stage

Alleyn's alumna and Governor Faith Locken (Roper's 2011) delivered a fascinating talk on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.